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nobody said it was easy


Two men kissing in a photobooth in 1953.


Two men kissing in a photobooth in 1953.


british money’s called “quid”, short for liquid, which used to be the official currency. any liquid. “as long as it splash we use it for cash”- old british saying

As I recall, it ended much too soon. Oh, what a night! Why’d it take so long to see the light?


This really is every representation debate in sci-fi and fantasy ever.

"We can’t have people of color in this story - its in the middle ages."

Imagining dragons and elves and hobbits is fine, but imagining a world not inhabited entirely by white people? That would be unrealistic.


you’re lying if you think minerva mcgonagall didn’t love the marauders to pieces we all know that they were her favorite students we all know she’d let james and sirius get away with little things and let remus off the hook for not having the best quality work the few days around the full moon and make sure peter was always paired up with one of his friends and basically mcgonagall was like the marauder’s extremely strict mother


Harry Potter and the Reckless Childhood Endangerment


Harry Potter and How Was Cedric the Only One to Die



other people have churches, I have the cinema - people get together to witness stories and maybe learn from them. It’s that the same?

this is so so beautiful


I’m laughing so fucking hard rn, omg.


dwayne johnson, paper, scissors